United Lutheran Church Executive Board

Council President: Gretchen Kindseth, ph: 218-287-1498; gretchenkindseth@yahoo.com

President-elect: Jim Bollman, Jr., ph: 701-775-4279, jnjbollman@midco.net

Treasurer: Sarah C., ph: 701-775-4279; scannonjd@gmail.com

Everything that happens at United Lutheran happens through a Ministry. A Ministry is a group of people elected by the

congregation who coordinate and carry out activities and programs within their particular area of service.

The chairperson of each ministry also serves as a member of the United Lutheran Church Council.



Nikki Blilie, Chair


Fellowship Ministry is responsible for developing and promoting fellowship opportunities among the members of United Lutheran Church and the community at large.

Outreach and Wellness

Janiel Bollman, Chair


Outreach and Wellness Ministry communicates and promotes activities by the congregation regarding social concerns. They also oversee the mission budget of the congregation.

Spiritual Formation

Lori Marshall, Chair


Spiritual Formation Ministry seeks to equip the members of ULC to know, tell, and be the story of Jesus Christ.

Financial Resources

Ross Hammer, Chair


Financial Resources Ministry oversees all financial operations of the congregation. They advise the council on financial matters, put together an annual budget, and oversee stewardship.

Physical Property

Donna Pearson, Chair


Property Ministry cares for our building and church grounds.

Staff Support

Chair - Vacant

Staff Support Ministry is responsible for the appointment and supervision of the salaried and lay workers. It develops and recommends personnel policies to the church council and serves as liaison between church staff and congregation.


Kim Strom, Chair


Invitation Ministry encourages and organizes worship opportunities, encourages and integrates new members and develops publicity.

Search and Nominating

Sue Thompson, Chair


Search and Nominating Ministry seeks out persons willing to serve as offices and on ministries of the congregation by helping to identify the gifts and talents of members.

Youth and Family

Amber Hagadorn, Chair


Youth and Family Ministry develops programs for and promotes participation or youth and families in the activities of the congregation.